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Peter Galgut


peter for about usPeter is a dentist, acupuncturist, homoeopath, hummer…….and has had prostate cancer. Here’s what he says about himself.

I was born and brought up in South Africa in a rich background of medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera, Devil’s Claw, Rooibos and many others. I later qualified as a dentist giving me a more formal education in medical matters.

It was the height of the apartheid era, and I was obliged to leave my mother country to settle in England. While practising as a dentist I continued my studies by qualifying as an acupuncturist, and then as an homoeopath. For many years I ran two separate practices sometimes the dentist, other times the alternative medicine practitioner.

I later decided to study dental science further, at first studying dental biomaterials and later dental calculus (also called tartar). I’ve published a large number of academic papers on my research. As I became more highly qualified I specialised as a periodontist (gum specialist).  The most important aspect of managing gum disease is preventing it from occurring in the first place.

So, as I moved away from doing fillings and ordinary dentistry and concentrating more on preventive care, this was an ideal opportunity to start combining my knowledge and experience of dental preventive care with other aspects of preventive care. Increasingly I’ve taken a more holistic approach to dental preventive care which is only a small part of general preventive care.  In other words you can only have a healthy mouth in a healthy body!

Using my years of experience in other healing disciplines outside medicine, gave me a very special insight and a broad understanding of promoting wellness as opposed to facilitating illness.

And then I was diagnosed with prostate cancer……..!

This website is about putting into practice the knowledge and experience that I have used to help me return to wellness after a rather unpleasant illness. I want to help others with prostate cancer to achieve optimal health.


Gillian Nineham




Gillian is a publisher with a longstanding interest in men’s health. She has been a trustee of the charity Men’s Health Forum for more that 12 years, published several books on men’s health and created the original version of the malehealth.co.uk website.



John ByrneJohn-Byrne-Cartoonist-240x300


John is our cartoonist. He has worked extensively as a cartoonist in the mainstream and trade press in the UK ranging from Private Eye and The Guardian to Media Week and The Bookseller. He has also worked extensively in health education for the charities Arthritis Care, The Men’s Health Forum and Diabetes UK as well as the BBC and a stint in communications with Unicef in Central Africa.