Alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction


‘Alternative’ tablets



Tablets which open up the blood vessels and encourage blood flow into the penis


These are mainly herbal concoctions which work in the same way as the PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. It’s thought that they contain herbs which are mixtures of Viagra/Cialis precursors and other stimulants. Lots of people find that they’re more effective than the branded products.

With all of these products – beware! PDE5 inhibitors may cause problems with other medications you’re taking, giving you a bad reaction with unpleasant and possibly dangerous side effects.

So the general rule is that you should always seek medical advice before buying any medicines online. There are several reasons for this:

  • They could cause problems with other medications you might be taking.
  • Depending on where you buy them from – sometimes they might not be what they say they are.
  • They could be fakes and/or even contain dangerous ingredients.
  • We don’t know how much of each active ingredient is included in these tablets so it’s difficult to know what size dose is safe to take.

If your doctor advises you not to take PDE5 inhibitors please don’t take these ‘alternative’ tablets either.

Sometimes when people are concerned about how much to take of an ‘alternative’ product they open the capsule, divide the contents in two and take half to see how that works. Or cut a tablet in two and see how half a tablet works. Often you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result. Bearing in mind the price of these tablets this could be a very cost-effective experiment to try. If it has no or little effect and you don’t experience any side effects or have a bad reaction, you could try a whole capsule or tablet the next time.


Testosterone-like tablets


Many men who suffer from impotence describe their problem as being that they’ve lost their libido or sex drive. Some men describe being on hormone therapy as being like ‘chemical castration’. Testosterone replacement is available in various forms such as slow release patches to wear, creams to apply or tablets to take.

The whole subject is highly controversial even among the medical profession. Horror stories abound about men developing female characteristics such as breasts, their testicles shrinking and many unwanted side effects.

Used carefully and responsibly – preferably under medical supervision – this treatment does potentially increase your libido/sex drive. This is a long term treatment though and doesn’t give you instant erections. But if it can rejuvenate your libido this is a good start to creating the sexual enthusiasm that’s necessary to have an erection.

Another intriguing possibility is a health food supplement called L-Argenine. It’s one of the ingredients in many male health and wellness combination supplements. It’s also available as a single supplement. L-Argenine is an interesting substance because it’s used by gym fanatics, weightlifters and extreme sportsmen to increase stamina and strength.

Its uses are well documented and can easily be researched on the internet and elsewhere. One of the ways in which it works is that it’s the precursor and an essential ingredient in testosterone production. If you take testosterone itself this effectively shuts down your own ability to produce it. But L-Argenine naturally stimulates testosterone production.

It’s possible that you could develop the same side effects as men who take testosterone itself. But in the fitness industry it is used extensively in high doses, apparently without side effects occurring. So it seems unlikely that you would develop them from taking L’Argenine. But as with all these products that haven’t been researched under stringent controlled conditions, nobody really knows. SO PLEASE TAKE CARE.

Intriguingly, in my research I came across a suggested strategy for using these remedies. The suggestion is first to take three 500mg L-Argenine tablets a day to increase libido, strength and stamina. When they start to work and action’s in sight supplement this with one of the other PDE5 inhibitor type tablets. I tried this combination myself. Weightlifters and extreme sportsmen take up to three grams of L-Argenine a day. I took only two 500mg L-Argenine tablets a day for two days before take off. On the day itself I didn’t take any L-Argenine tablets but I took half a capsule only of one of the ‘alternative’ PDE5 inhibitors. I have to say the results were pretty good!


A Warning!


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be very very careful. You MUST check with your doctor that it’s safe for you to take these ‘alternative’ tablets. Especially if you have a medical condition and/or are taking any medication prescribed by your doctor. Cross reactions and side effects from taking different medications at the same time can cause serious problems and be very dangerous. It could also mean that medication you need to stay alive or stop your cancer from growing doesn’t work as well as it should or even not at all.

In the ‘alternative’ domain sometimes nothing is known about the products or their ingredients. Nothing is known about how they’ll interact with other medicines you’re taking – whether they’re prescribed by your doctor, herbal or other remedies. A wise precaution is to try a small amount of the ‘alternative’ treatments individually to see how you react. And let someone know what you’re taking just in case you have a severe reaction and need medical attention. Always remember that using – and more importantly mixing – these products can potentially lead to disaster. So beware and be careful. Never forget that you’re taking products that are not tried and tested and can have unexpected consequences. You have been warned!


Other treatments


There are all sorts of other treatments available such as acupuncture, counselling, exotic massagers and many others. Many of these therapies such as acupuncture have the reputation of being very effective. But there are plenty of charlatans out there who are only too happy to help you ‘resolve’ your problems and take advantage of your vulnerable situation with very little benefit. Finding the right person to help is difficult as they aren’t easy to identify. Once again, if you have tips or information that would be helpful to the rest of us, please tell us in our forum. (link to forum)