Get fit, get healthy


There’s no doubt that the fitter you are the better you’ll cope with surgery, the recovery period and the after effects of the surgery. Of course not everyone with a prostate problem will be having surgery but getting fit before you have any kind of treatment is a good idea.

Being fit for surgery and other treatments is about giving yourself the best chance for the quickest and best recovery possible.  You may need to re-evaluate your lifestyle and change some aspects of it so that you’re as near to your peak performance as possible. Being fit will help you to sail through the surgery and get the best possible outcome from your treatment. And if you strengthen your pelvic floor area as part of your getting fit routine this will help with your recovery. Everyone is likely to experience problems with incontinence and erectile dysfunction but my exercise routine helped me with these problems. Bringing yourself up to peak performance is about being physically fit, it’s about being nutritionally fit and it’s about being psychologically fit.  Here we’re focusing on physical fitness.


Physical Fitness

First you have to find out how fit or unfit you are.

Here are some easy questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I overweight?
  • Do I get out of breath when I climb a few flights of stairs?
  • How far can I walk without getting tired?
  • Do I feel well or do I feel tired and listless?
  • Do I suffer from indigestion, heartburn or other digestive problems?
  • Do I have high blood pressure or other problems such as erectile dysfunction and am I generally in a poor physical state?
  • Do I have poor concentration and a tendency to doze off more often than I used to?
  • And if I stand in front of a full length mirror am I happy with the size and shape of what I see?


If you’re not happy with your answers to these questions this could be an ideal opportunity to change all that. How about building a new lifestyle that promotes wellness and minimises illness and helps to rebuild your physical, emotional and mental stamina?

There’s more information about how to assess your physical fitness here. So let’s get started!