So you need prostate surgery….


A diagnosis of prostate cancer is scary – very scary.  And the news that you need surgery for it can be  terrifying. And of course as well as cancer there are other prostate problems which may need surgery. Needing any kind of surgery is bad enough, but when you’ve heard that afterwards you may be incontinent and suffer from erectile dysfunction at least for a while, the worry and concern gets a whole lot worse. Incontinence and erectile dysfunction can also affect men who have other treatments for prostate cancer such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc.


Peter Galgut


Peter Galgut had surgery for his prostate cancer in 2012.  He was terrified beforehand. But with his knowledge and experience as a qualified health professional he understood how being in the best physical and mental shape possible could help with recovery after surgery. He determined to take action.

Peter knew that the fitter he was, the stronger he was, the better his muscle tone and agility and the less extra weight he was carrying, the easier his post operative recovery was likely to be. It would also easier for the surgeon to do his job so that the chances of post-operative bleeding, scarring, wound infection etc would be minimised.

Learn here about what Peter did and what you can do too…….